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Who will be filming my wedding?
Many companies sub-contract their shooting and editing but when your hire Crescent Bay Films, you get Crescent Bay Films. You will have Jason at every shoot, and none of the editing is contracted out.

Why should we consider Crescent Bay Films for video coverage?
There are many reasons to consider our team for your event, but in a nutshell, we are a team of filmmakers that love people and love what we do!

Do you have videos from past events that we can watch?
You can view samples of our Film Trailer online. To view our work in more detail, drop us a line, and we can set-up some time to meet in person.

How do we book with you? 
You can call us directly and we would be happy to set-up a consultation. Once you make a decision, we only require $100 to retain the date. From there you simply make payments leading up to your event.

What do you need from us prior to the event? 
Our goal is to make your experience with us easy and as stress-free as we can. Therefore we try to require as little from you as possible. All we need from you is a detailed event timeline at least one week prior to the event.

Will you direct us, instructing us on what to do while filming is taking place? 

The essence of our films is capturing the raw moments as they unfold. We never ask a couple to say certain things to the camera or do certain actions. We want the film to reflect you naturally.


Do you film both groom and bride preps? 
Yes, unless the package or locations prohibits it.

Do you mic the groom? 
Yes, we mic the groom with professional grade wireless mic to ensure the vows are captured.

Do you shoot in HD? 
We shoot with the latest Canon HD DSLR camera the 60D coupled with L series Canon lenses for superb clarity and vivid color. In addition we utilize Steadicam and Pocket Dolly technology for fluid cinematic shots.

Do I get to pick my own music for the Film Trailer? 
We ask for a list of three of your favorite songs and choose what works best for your film.

Can you explain the difference between the Film Trailer and Documentary Film?
The Film Trailer is like the photo album your photographer provides. It summarizes the entire day in 5-10 minutes in a cinematic fashion. This is the most popular portion of the film. The Documentary Film is like the CD of images your photographer might provide. It is the basic coverage of the main events of the day on film with minimal editing.

Do you offer discounts? 
We are a highly trained, passionate, and unique team of cinematographers, and we feel our prices are extremely fair for our services. We put endless hours of time in training our-selves, preparing for and planning out our shoots, and editing the films. Because of this we do not offer discounts.

How long does it take to get our film back?
Our goal is to make films that are not cookie cutter, but custom every time. Your film will be completed within 1-3 months following your wedding day.